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About Olympia

At Olympia we provide solution-based services for all your transfer agent and corporate trustee needs. We understand the importance of building relationships and you can rely on our extensive expertise to provide you, your investors and advisors with the highest level of service.

About Olympia Trust

Olympia Trust Company received it's letters patent on September 6, 1995, authorizing the formation of a trust company to be registered under the Loan and Trust Corporations Act (Alberta). Operations commenced in March of 1996. Olympia Trust is licensed to conduct trust activities in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. Olympia Trust acts as a trustee and manages self-administered registered plans. It also provides foreign currency exchange services and other trustee services.

Our Executive Team

Olympia Trust Company prides itself first and foremost on our team members and their expertise. We care about the client experience and have built one of the largest, most knowledgeable in-house team in the industry.

Craig Skauge

President & CEO

Andrea Gillis

Executive Vice President, Securities
Investment Account Services

Kelly Revol

Executive Vice President, Mortgages
Investment Account Services

Dean Naugler

Vice President,
Corporate & Shareholder Services

Neil McCullagh

Vice President,
Currency & Global Payments

Gerhard Barnard

CFO, Vice President
Financial Services

Ryan McKenna

Chief Information Officer

Jonathan Bahnuik

General Counsel

Our Board of Directors

Craig Skauge
Andrea Gillis
Diana Wolfe
Gerard Janssen
Brian Newman
Phil du Heaume
Connection - Community - Commitment

Olympia Gives

In 2011, the Olympia Charitable Foundation was formed with a primary goal to allow our staff to be directly involved in deciding how and to whom their charitable funds were donated. Olympia Charitable Foundation extends this opportunity externally; welcoming requests from all over the world. The charity's main source of funds is employee donations matched by Olympia Financial Group Inc. and subsidiary companies.